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A Pro Bowl linebacker is pretty pissed at BofA

Run, Moynihan! Run for your life!

Dwight Freeney is 6'1" and 270 pounds of chiseled muscle and runs a 40 yard dash in under 4.5 seconds. He has recorded more than 300 tackles and over 100 sacks in his decade-plus NFL career as a linebacker with the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers.

To put it succinctly, Dwight Freeney is not someone to whom you want to owe money. Which makes it awkward for Bank of America, because he thinks it owes him about $20 million.

Former Indianapolis Colts player Dwight Freeney is suing one of the nation's largest banks, alleging it swindled him out of more than $20 million and forced him to close an emerging Hollywood restaurant business.

The premise of the lawsuit hinges on Freeney's contention that BofA Merrill Lynch tempted him into an investment program for high net worth clients and then proceeded to lose a ton of his net worth.

One detail that BofA is going to not enjoy discussing is the fact that one of its employees was arrested in 2012 for embezzling $2.2 million from Freeney's account.

On the other hand, BofA might be able to contend that they saved Freeney money in the long run, considering a major crux of his lawsuit is a complaint that his investment-related losses forced him to cash out of his ownership in a Rolling Stone-themed restaurant chain.

Among his losses was Freeney's L.A. restaurant, Rolling Stone. He had secured an exclusive licensing agreement with "Rolling Stone" magazine and was on track to open a second eatery in California, Isaacs said.

Due to the financial catastrophe, the lawsuit alleges, Freeney was forced to shut down the restaurant and put off any future ventures.

If you listen closely, you can hear everyone ever involved with Planet Hollywood muttering "You got so so lucky, Dwight."

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