An Open Letter From Steve Cohen

Re: his returns for the last quarter and you all sucking it.

I don't need you. I DON'T NEED ANYONE.

Dear “senior traders” telling Fox Business that you’d rather spend an hour in a darkened conference room with Ping Jiang than work with me,

I understand that you’re afraid the words “Point72 Asset Management” or “Creating Rubric Capital” might serve as a “black mark” on your résumé. Well, here’s my résumé for the last three months:

Billionaire Steven A. Cohen's investments gained 7.5 percent in the first three months of 2015, according to a person familiar with the numbers, helping the former hedge fund manager extend his string of market-beating returns….

The average hedge fund has gained 2.18 percent this year, research firm Hedge Fund Research reported.

It’s adorable that you think I need you. Enjoy your average life.



Cohen’s private investments deliver strong 7.5 percent gain in the first quarter [Reuters]