Attention Paulson People

2015 has been good to JP.

In your heart, you know he's right.

John Paulson is the phoenix who rises from self-inflicted ashes every three years, the skepticism of certain critics notwithstanding.

The Paulson Enhanced fund, which bets on mergers and acquisitions, is up a whopping 13.9% through March 20th, according to performance data from Swiss-banking group SYZ, obtained by

Meanwhile, the Paulson International fund, which also bets on mergers but with less leverage, is up 6.6% through the same period, according to SYZ data.

The Paulson Advantage fund, which seeks to benefit from takeovers and bankruptcies, is also up this year by 5%, the SYZ data shows.

Billionaire John Paulson up 14% on M&A bets [USA Today]


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John Paulson Finds Scapegoats For Gold Losses

It was those greedy bastard gold-miner CEOs this whole time! And they’re not gonna get away with it.

Attention Paulson Investors/Harvard University

May performance was pretty, pretty, pretty good.