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Ben Bernanke Would Like All The Jobs Now, Thank You

The revolving door, it spins so fast!

When Ben Bernanke stepped down from his gig as Fed Chair, it felt like he really needed a break.

Let's face it, the guy had been through some sh*t, what with the near collapse of the financial system and the sometimes withering criticism he received for his efforts to save it. All in all, it had been a long eight years for ole' Ben and he deserved some time drinking daiquiris on white sand beaches.

But like any student of the Great Depression, Ben does not take employment for granted and he has embarked on a post-Fed career plan that seems to be predicated on taking every possible job in the financial sector.

First off, Ben signed on to be a financial blogger. But, of course, he needed at least a fallback to that.

He found one with a consulting gig at Citadel. A $25 billion hedge fund run by a guy that used to be pretty mean to Ben while he was in Washington.

And that old adversarial relationship might have spooked Ben enough to seek out another, let's call it "emergency," job. Which is how Ben finds himself suddenly in the employ of PIMCO. While his role is not yet clear, it seems safe to say that his cards will implicitly read "Not Bill Gross."

What's next for Ben? That is an unknown, but the lure of those daiquiris fades with every spin he takes through the revolving door.

This just in! We have live video of Ben on his job search...

Bernanke Joins Pimco; Second Consulting Job in Two Weeks [Bloomberg]



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