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Bonus Watch ’15: Europe

...were not too shabby, unless you work for a Swiss bank.
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Bankers in the German Economic Empire are reveling in an 18% raise this year. Of course, such a big bump was made possible only by the €50 Starbucks gift cards received last year. Meanwhile, things at Swiss banks continue to be notgreat, although their downtrodden bankers can make up for it by doing their shopping across the border.

European bonuses were up 18 percent to 136,000 pounds, or about $201,000, in 2015, while bankers’ bonuses in the United States ticked up to the equivalent of £216,000, for the same period.

The snapshot of data showed that British banks had increased their bonuses by £5,000, to £126,000, and that Swiss bankers had taken a relative hit, with bonuses falling 26 percent to £162,000.

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