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California Might Make It Prohibitively Expensive To Buy A $100K Car

How sexy does that Tesla look without that rebate?

So you're an on-the-go millionaire who is both ecologically and aesthetically aware? Oh, you're going to need a Tesla.

But pricing on the basic Tesla Roadster starts at $101,500 and while it might appear that way, you're not actually made of money. If you live in California though, there's some good news! The state offers subsidies for folks like you that want to travel in luxury while saving the world.

The incentives are intended to rid the roads of gas-guzzling vehicles that spew carbon pollution by making electric cars more more affordable to a broad range of consumers. Surveys indicate that 77 percent of buyers in California earn more than $100,000 a year.

Thanks Uncle Jerry! Let's put some chrome rims on this gorgeous Model S and get you silently onto the freeway.

Oh, wait...

“It’s hard for the average Californian to understand why someone buying a $100,000 car should get a rebate,” said California state Senator Ted Gaines, a Republican who has proposed eliminating rebates on cars that cost more than $40,000. “That’s the same question I posed to myself, and it was hard to justify.”

Turns out that California (America's favorite barely solvent state) has handed out $34 million in rebates to buyers of Tesla cars since 2010 alone. That's the kind of figure that leads to populist uprisings, especially since H.G. Wells character come alive/Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to build his $5 billion battery factory in neighboring Nevada.

So California is maybe not going to help you out with this purchase, but you should still consider buying a piece of the future, right? Hey, you can even buy one used off of The Woz.

Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak, who’s worth an estimated $100 million, has bought two Tesla cars. He accepted the incentives, he said, but they played no role in his decision to buy the vehicles.

What's that? You want to see something in a Chevy Volt?

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