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Compensation Watch '15: Wall Street Didn't Sign Up For This Sh*t

This sh*t being pay that in no way resembles the Scrooge McDuck dive into a pile of money.
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Eight-six percent of respondents in a new survey took their jobs expecting pay day to knock their socks off and include things the likes of which they could never imagine (okay fine: bonuses being shot out of T-shirt cannons baseball game style, etc). And damn it, they have not had said socks knocked off.

Asked whether they earn more or less than they expected when they decided to pursue a finance career, 48 percent of respondents in the Bloomberg Markets Global Poll say compensation is less or much less than they had hoped for. Just 14 percent say their pay exceeds expectations. A third say they earn about what they thought they would [...] “They’re still making decent money, but it’s nothing like 2007,” says Jeanne Bran­thover, head of the financial services division at Boyden Global Executive Search. “It’s harder to get a big bonus because there are more metrics that come into play, in­cluding how well the whole firm does.”

We Thought Our Pay Would Be Higher, Wall Streeters Say in Poll [Bloomberg]


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