Departing Morgan Stanley CFO Throws Shade At Industry Peers On Way Out The Door

R. Porat gives zero f*cks.

Before Morgan Stanley’s former CFO split for the coast, she held one last conference call, for old time’s sake. Was magnanimity the order of the day for this valedictory? Was it hell:

She said that she and other executives at Morgan Stanley understood regulators intentions and felt the changes they were making were “needed.” The firm’s executives, she said, “are proud of the changes we’ve made” since the financial crisis. She contrasted Morgan Stanley’s response to the responses of other executives who were making “those changes kicking and screaming.”

Whoever could Ruth, of the Mountain View Porats, be talking about? The upper echelons of Wells Fargo, Citi, JP Morgan, and AIG are apparently all suspects, according to MoneyBeat.

Bank Execs ‘Kicking and Screaming’ over Regulatory Changes [MoneyBeat]