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Dick Fuld's Reentry To Society Involves Telling People The Secrets To Running A World Class Investment Bank

People who are paying actual money to hear said secrets.
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"First, you use a little-known accounting trick to hide how dire things are."

Back in November, Bloombergreported that after keeping a fairly low profile over the past six years, following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, ex-CEO Dick Fuld would be emerging from the shadows. Speaking of the "tight leash" his wife had been keeping him on, Fuld said that he "plan[ned]" to get out and about more, remarking "It's a new day." Specifically, he was referring to his social life (museum benefits, charity galas, youth hockey gamesripe with opportunities to get into physical altercations parents, etc), but now it appears he's ready to thrust himself back into business as well.

The organizers of the 2015 Marcum MicroCap Conference said Mr. Fuld will address conference attendees in his “first major public address since leaving Lehman Brothers in 2008,” the organizers said in a news release.

Trying to determine if this keynote is for you? If you've ever dreamed of destroying a 158 year-old institution from the inside, buy your tickets today.

Mr. Fuld will discuss “the strategy employed by Lehman Brothers to become one of the world’s leading investment banks, aspects of the financial crisis, the current capital market environment and the keys to success for today’s growth companies choosing to access the capital markets now,” the release said.

According to organizer David Bukzin, there will be a Q&A, so get those burning questions ready.

Lehman’s Ex-CEO Is Resurfacing [WSJ]

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Here Are Some Words That Recently Exited Dick Fuld's Mouth

"Great Wall Street bank," "27,000 risk managers," "success."

Dick Fuld Needs Your Help

Sleep where the former Lehman Brother CEO hath slept, while he was keeping a low profile post-bank collapse/plotting his comeback.

Dick Fuld: "The Bros Always Wins"

As previously mentioned, if one were inclined to relive the fall of Lehman Brothers, one could do so via the bankruptcy documents that were recently made available online. There you'll find, among other things, countless examples of what has been said so many times since September 15, 2008, which is that it's amazing how delusional the people at the very top were, vis-à-vis the firm's solvency/what people thought of it/everything. Also worth marveling at? The fact that Lehman lasted as long as it did with what appear to be barely literate troglodytes running the place. [The following dialogue is re: CITIC considering an investment in a US bank and the suggestion that it is more interested in Bear Stearns.]

Dick Fuld Attends Hockey Game Without Getting Into Physical Altercation

One tale many love to tell about Richard S. Fuld, besides the one involving him destroying an 158 year-old institution, is that of the time he got into a fistfight at his son's hockey game, with a parent from the opposing team. Though there have been many stories over the years of adults who lack impulse control throwing down at their children's sporting events, perhaps people were fascinated by the fact that the the CEO of a public company was unable to reason that punching someone in the face at a Peewee hockey game = bad, keeping your hands to yourself = good.  On that note, one sports fan reports that Fuld has since matured, and realizing his own limitations, now travels with protection (for himself/spectators in his section). "Was at the Rangers/Devils game last night sitting a few rows behind Dick Fuld and his wife. He was with two goons who were clearly his body guards, one sitting next to him in a tan jacket and the other one standing behind him in black. Fuld was wearing a suit...I guess to try and look like he actually has a job he was coming from befoe the game."