ECB Protester: You Haven't Lived Until You've Reduced A Central Banker To A Shell Of The Man He Once Was, With Glitter

Josephine Witt is still riding high from yesterday's glitter bombing.
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As previously discussed, yesterday in Frankfurt an activist named Josephine Witt expressed her frustration with European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi by bum-rushing the desk he was sitting behind during a talk on monetary policy, jumping on top of it, and throwing a bunch of glitter in his face. Today, she told reporters just how thrilling the glitter bombing was-- an experience not to be missed.

"The picture of Mario Draghi’s face was priceless – he was scared, surprised and shaken, and gone was the big poker-faced banker – it was suddenly just an ordinary man there in front of me," she said.

Truly, there's nothing like it. She highly suggests everyone give it a try.

ECB protester Josephine Witt surprised by relaxed security measures [Guardian]

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Here Is A Woman Protesting Bank Of America, Shirts

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