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Etsy's Stock Is A Decoupage of Market Schadenfreude

Well, that was fast.

Turns out that Etsy's first day of trading might have been as cuckoo bananas as it actually looked.

After soaring to Icarian (if Icarus had made his wings out of hemp and spirit glue) values on Thursday, during which it peaked at $35.74 a share, Etsy stock is now unraveling like a spool of ethically-farmed yarn... in the hands of Wiccans... sharing a drafty farm house.

How bad are things for Etsy? The company's stock is now getting Business Insider's patented* "Smoked/Crushed" treatment.

After a crazy debut, Etsy shares have been getting crushed.
The stock fell by up to 9% in trading on Monday afternoon to as low as $24.87.
Shares of the Brooklyn-based online craft marketplace are now 24% lower than their debut price of $31 per share.


But then again, the pain of falling from $35 a share to $25 might be salved by the fact that Etsy was never really worth a $4 billion and would have been virtually acquisition-proof at that number. Hovering in the neighborhood of $1 billion with a stock price around $20 might be more realistic and useful to a company that doesn't make anything or turn a profit.

Oh whatever, let's just have fun with this and share visual charts of Etsy's 2.5-day-long agony and ecstasy narrative.

*Not technically patented, but c'mon already Blodget.

Etsy shares have been getting smoked since last week's crazy debut [BI]


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