Ex-Bank Of America Employee Suing For Joint Custody Of Dog Is Inspiration To All

Others have found courage in his fight.

Back in March, a bombshell story made its way to the pages of the Post: a former Bank of America employee, Zack Goldberg, was entangled in a messy custody battle with his ex-girlfriend, over a dog named Rufus. Though Goldberg and McKayla's love for each other had long since faded, turning dark and bitter, their feelings for Rufus, a Cavalier Kings Spaniel, remained steadfast. Despite relocating from New York to Washington, DC after the breakup, Goldberg was willing to fight Beltway traffic on Tuesday nights and every other weekend, if McKayla would grant him joint custody. But that's not something Rufus's mom was willing to do. Nay, she claimed in court papers that Goldberg's attempts to see Rufus were "only a pretext to remain in her life" and that "Mr. Goldberg [did] not share [her] deep, abiding love and commitment to ­Rufus." At the time, Goldberg was just a man fighting for the right to see his son. What he couldn't have known, was that he was a pioneer, starting a movement.

Chelsea Conrad, whose father starred in the 1960s TV series “The Wild Wild West,” says in court papers that she broke it off with Noah Szubski...[now , she adds]...he’s demanding full custody of their Doberman pinscher, Cash, out of spite. He currently has temporary custody, with Conrad granted visitation rights. 

Fifty years from now, financial services employees taking their exes to court over Welsh Springer Spaniels will cite Goldberg v. McKayla in their arguments.

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