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Facing Hard Choices, Greek Leader Picks All Of Them

How do you like Alex Tsipras now?
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Does he look worried?

The Greeks can barely afford to keep the Acropolis lit at night and owe the IMF €700 million they don’t have in a few weeks. Given how badly things are going vis-à-vis striking a deal with its creditors (read: Germany), lesser men might declare all lost and head for their fortified islands in the Aegean. Not Alexis Tsipras: He’ll find that elusive deal (elusive because it maybe kinda doesn’t exist), pay his bills and ease the crushing burden of austerity that’s turning Greece into a third-world country, before taking his rightful place atop Mount Olympus in the pantheon of Greek gods.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday said his government's top priority as it faces depleting cash coffers was to pay wages and pensions, though he subsequently added that defaulting on debt was not an option either….

"I'm not telling you the reserves are in a good shape. There is a liquidity issue we're dealing with," Tsipras told Star television. "But I want to say something which I said before the elections and I'm saying now: it is our obligation toward society, this is our priority - paying pensions and wages."

Greek PM rules out default, cites wages and pensions as priority [Reuters]


Greek Prime Minister Sees Happy Ending In His Future

Pessimists might beg to differ, but Tsipras has a good feeling about this bailout business, down in his plums.

Partying like its 2014. By DTRocks (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Germans Decide Not To Roast Greece On An Open Fire

Kali Protohronia, you Grecian rascals.