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Global Recruitment Firm Didn't Like That Executive Chairman Maybe Used Company Resources To Recruit Hookers

Detailing "everything from measurements and physical descriptions of the call girls to the price of their services."
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Back in March, Robert Damon sued his former employer, Korn/Ferry, claiming that the firm had fired him after he mentioned to the board that CEO Gary Burnison treated women poorly. Yesterday, Korn/Ferry filed a lawsuit of its own, claiming this:

Korn/Ferry said it fired Robert Damon, its former executive chairman for the Americas, for allegedly using his company email address repeatedly “to solicit and arrange for meetings with at least 20 different call girls and escorts.’’ In addition, Korn/Ferry alleges Mr. Damon used his company email ”to receive and distribute photographs of nude and seminude women,’’ the filing added. [...] In its filing, Korn/Ferry alleged Mr. Damon’s emails “detailed everything from measurements and physical descriptions of the call girls to the price of their services.” The company also alleged Mr. Damon "repeatedly directed the call girls and their agents to Korn/Ferry’s website to confirm his identity and position with Korn/Ferry.’’

Obviously prostitution is illegal and anyone working in the corporate world should know that most employers get very sensitive about using company email to buy hookers, as well as being like "Hey, if you're worried I'm not who I say I am head over to and check out my bio, I'm legit." Plus, most firms like to a least give the appearance of respecting women. Speaking of which:

Mr. Damon’s suit, filed March 10 in California Superior Court in Los Angeles, claims Mr. Burnison engaged in a pattern of abuse and discrimination toward Korn/Ferry’s female employees starting around 2010. The suit alleges that after senior Korn/Ferry executive Ana Dutra complained about such conduct to a party who wasn’t named in the suit, Mr. Burnison threatened her with a golf club.

Korn/Ferry Says It Fired Former Executive For Allegedly Soliciting Escorts [WSJ]


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