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Greek, Russian Leaders Have Friendly Little Chat

What? Is that weird?
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Alexis Tsipras paid a quick visit to Moscow to spitball with Vladimir Putin about tourism and their shared love of Joseph Stalin. They definitely weren’t just hanging out to f*ck with the EU as it decides whether or not to sink Greece into the Mediterranean.

President Vladimir V. Putin on Wednesday declared that the visit “could not have come at a better time….”

While Greek officials had said ahead of time that Mr. Tsipras would not use the visit to appeal directly for financial assistance from Mr. Putin, the prime minister’s public criticism of Western sanctions against Russia as “a road to nowhere” has heightened concerns that the visit is evidence of emerging cracks in European unity over the Kremlin’s policies in Ukraine.

Putin Meets With Alexis Tsipras of Greece, Raising Eyebrows in Europe [NYT]



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