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Hot "New" "Tech" Company Sells "Edible" Pizza

By bulking up tech operations, Domino's is making it easier for you to put down the bong and order bad pizza.

Psst... Wanna tip on the hottest new tech startup?

It's called "Domino's Pizza" and it's like the future, bro.

Increasingly, Domino’s, the pizza delivery company, is looking more like a technology company than a quick-service restaurant.
Bringing the ordering process to many different platforms — Web, phone, watch, TV and voice — is part of what Domino’s calls its “Anyware” program. The company plans to roll out across more platforms this year.

So it's barely a "pizza company" at all. It has a "platform," it uses mobile devices and it even purposefully misspells stuff to appeal to proudly illiterate millennials. Domino's is basically Uber, but for people that want rubbery cheese on a cardboard crust.

“The platform story is part of our broader tech story,” said Dennis Maloney, vp-multimedia marketing at Domino’s. “We’re starting to think of ourselves as an e-commerce company that sells pizza. So we can take a few more risks and lean forward a little more. E-commerce companies move fast and launch stuff and learn along the way.”

According to a company executive, Domino's apparently employs about 200 techies at its Michigan headquarters, undoubtedly making its Cordon Bleu-educated artisanal pizza design staff feel a bit outnumbered.

It was unclear in the piece if The Noid has found work in the new regime as a platform design engineer.

But like any impressive new tech startup, Domino's is more than just its most obvious deliverable.

There’s also a data play: The more Domino’s can track about its consumers and their eating and spending habits, the better it can customize loyalty programs and ad targeting. Maloney said data is an important part of its internal tech team, which tests consumer experiences constantly to find out more about who their pizza-eaters are.

Who says you can't monetize the shame of others?

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