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HSBC Apologizes For Making Your Day A Little More Exciting

Sorry that a good-looking, scantily-clad Asian woman appeared on your screen, you prude.
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Call 911 on them why don't you.

Banking giant HSBC has apologised after a link on its Hong Kong website directed customers to a Chinese-language porn site. “HSBC would like to apologise to the public for any inconvenience caused,” it said in the statement. The British bank said it was not “in any way connected” to the site in question, which showed suggestive pictures of scantily clad women.

HSBC sorry for website porn link [MSN]
Banking giant HSBC apologizes for directing customers to porn site [Asian Correspondent, NSFW]


HSBC Chief Can't Believe The Unreasonably High "Standard" Banks Are Held To These Days

The CEO-- whose bank is in a lot of trouble for tax evasion-- is sick of always having to be so perfect, when other industries are allowed to do exactly as they please with zero accountability. And you want to know another thing? He's not going to promise the tax evasion stuff won't happen again.