HSBC VP Fired After Reporting Boss For Sexual Harassment Was Notified Of Dismissal Via Dear John Letter

So that's an interesting way of doing things.

"Dear Michael"

Remember Michael Picarella? VP at HSBC who was locked out of his work computer, and then his office, and then paid a $0 bonus, and then fired after filing suit against his employer and boss for retaliating against him for reporting said boss for (alleged!) sexual harassment of a female subordinate? Sexual harassment that included telling the subordinate to dress provocatively on the job, to "have sex with male HSBC executives and clients at company-sponsored events," and attempting to pull down her top "and expose her breasts in the presence of male HSBC employees"? Apparently Picarella learned of his firing from his son, who read about it in a note.

Picarella was informed that he was fired on Friday after his son found a letter that was left at the front door of his home, according to an amended complaint filed Monday.

Judge puts hold on HSBC sex suit [NYP]

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