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Judge: Parenthood, Lupus Insufficient Grounds For Ponzi Scheme

If you're thinking of using the aforementioned excuses during your Ponzi trial, think again.
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Crushed by the man.

The cold, heartless machine of justice chewed up and spit out the poor Livolsi family of Oklahoma, which obviously had no choice but to run a four-year, $6.1 million Ponzi scheme in order to adequately feed, clothe and transport in luxury vehicles their children.

The couple in court expressed remorse and begged for probation to avoid harming their young children for their wrongdoing.

Linda Livolsi — who said she suffers from the immune system disease lupus and other debilitating ailments — also told Gordon her life expectancy is roughly five years and she fears she will not get proper medical treatment in prison.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney and presiding magistrate—wicked tools of a ruthless and unfeeling judicial system—would have none of it.

Damm chided the couple for using their children in an attempt to minimize punishment.

Gordon expressed a similar sentiment, telling the defendants: “You weren’t thinking about the kids when you were committing this crime.”

Oklahoma couple sentenced to prison for Vegas Ponzi scheme [Las Vegas Review-Journal]



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