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Lawyer For Ex-Goldman Banker Accused Of Rape Working Off Turn Of The (19th) Century Definition Of Rape

He hasn't had his handbook updated yet.
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Remember Jason Lee? Ex-Goldman Sachs managing director accused in August 2013 of raping a woman he invited back to his Hamptons rental, after spending "hours trying to find a sex partner" but before he (allegedly!) hid from the cops in his Range Rover? His case went to trial this week and here's what his lawyer has to say about the whole thing:

“This is not a case about a rape in some back alley between people who are completely unknown to each other,” Lankler told Kahn. “This is completely consistent with the circumstances under which consensual sex occurs. Perhaps regrettable consensual sex, but consensual sex.”

Just so we're all clear, the only circumstances under which rape can occur are:

  • In a back alley
  • Between strangers

If you can't check these two boxes, by definition, no rape occurred. Case adjourned.

Hamptons Rape-Trial Lawyers Spar Over Beach House Encounter [Bloomberg]


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