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Lawyer For Firm Embroiled In Lawsuit With Ex-Employee It Threatened To "Gut...Like Carp" Is Gonna Take Off Now

Ronald Cami is pursuing opportunities elsewhere.
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An Adam Levine not involved in this story (that we know of).

Remember TPG Capital? Li'l upstart PE firm based in Texas that once employed a head of public affairs named Adam Levine, who TPG sued in January for allegedly leaking information to the media and who TPG back earlier this month, for allegedly "ignoring his warnings that the firm may have violated securities regulations" and also allegedly threatening to "fucking kill [him]"? Its head legal guy has decided it's time to move on.

TPG’s general counsel Ronald Cami is leaving the private-equity firm after five years as its top in-house lawyer. Mr. Cami, 47 years old, has agreed to stay on at the firm while it searches for a replacement and to help with the transition.

TPG’s General Counsel Ronald Cami Is Leaving the Firm [WSJ]

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