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Lawyer For Guy TPG Capital Partner Threatened To "Hunt Down," "Gut Like Carp" Offers History Lesson

You've heard of kamikazes, yes?
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An A. Levine that just wants everyone to get along.

Late last week, we met two men who once worked together at TPG Capital. Clive Bode, who is still employed by the company, as a partner and senior counsel, and Adam Levine, an ex-head of public affairs. Bode and Levine may have had a friendly working relationship at one point, but things started to deteriorate when Levine raised questions about certain practices at the firm and Bode, allegedly, said he'd love to "smack" Levine's head against the wall in attempt to "knock some fucking sense into him," in addition to "hunt[ing] him down" and "gut[ting] him like carp" were Levine to ever mention any of this to founder David Bonderman. TPG sued Levine in January and on Thursday, Levine responded with a lawsuit of his own. As for the former, Levine's lawyer isn't too worried.

"TPG apparently decided to adopt what can best be described as a kamikaze legal strategy,” Thomas told The Huffington Post. “Kamikazes were effective in war in causing damage, but they also died. Historically, these strategies do not work out well.”

TPG Capital Threatened To 'Gut' Whistleblower 'Like A Carp,' Lawsuit Claims [HP via Matt Levine]

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