Listen Closely To OneRepublic’s Words To Hear What Hedge-Fund Managers Are Trying To Say

They'll be headlining this year's SALT Conference.

The voice of the global hedge fund industry.

After careful reflection inside the Hunt and Fish Club's custom-built aural immersion chamber, the Mooch has hit upon this year’s glittering entertainment for the SALT Conference, and our friends over at MoneyBeat have decided to do some textual analysis of OneRepublic’s lyrics that perhaps gives the average hedge-fund manager a little too much credit for self-awareness, to say nothing of shame. Plus, it seems unlikely that this guy will be there.

The band is famed for its 2007 hit “Apologize”–not a title likely to spring to the lips of a crowd of hedge-fund managers as they search for new novel ways to explain half a decade of muted performance….

This year, Mr. Tedder may consider skipping the opening lines to his 2008 ballad “Stop and Stare,” where he wails “This town is colder now. I think it’s sick of us. It’s time to make our move.” Even safely ensconced in a desert ballroom, hedge fund managers need no extra reminders about their popularity.

For Hedge Funds, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]