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Litigious Adult Kickball Player Is A Thing Now

Playing kickball in adulthood is a little embarrassing. Getting injured while doing so is mortifying. Suing over that injury is a new frontier in human behavior.

When grown-ass people started playing kickball as a way to create social bonds, we said nothing.

When they started to pay for the privilege to wear brightly colored t-shirts and play kickball in organized leagues, we again stayed silent.

But when an adult man wearing a neon t-shirt injures himself playing a game designed for eight-year-olds and then starts suing people, we must speak out.

According to a tremendous piece of reporting in yesterday's NY Post, a gentleman named Amol Gupta has filed suit in a Manhattan court alleging that Zog Sports - a company that organizes games of kickball and whiffleball for people that can drink legally - is responsible for a severe busting of his own ass back in 2013.

Amol Gupta paid a membership fee to join the ZogSports kickball league in April 2013.
Later that month during a match on Roosevelt Island — the same location where actor Bill Murray crashed a kickball game in 2012 — Gupta slipped on the grass while running home and slammed into the retaining wall, the suit says.

Ouch. According to the suit, Gupta broke his nose and arm in the collision and also injured his spine. That objectively sucks, and it cannot be fun to tell your friends that you got severely battered in a game of kickball, but Gupta appears to have been left emotionally sore as well.

Court papers fault ZogSports, which organizes throwback sports for young professionals across the metro area, for setting the foul and base lines too close to the wall.
“Among the responsibilities of ZogSports were to set up and provide for the location and placement of bases, a pitching mound, foul lines, base lines, boundaries, and other aspects of the physical layout where the April 27 kickball game would take place,” the suit says.

Essentially, the suit accuses Zog Sports of not making the playing field for a children's game large enough for grown ups to play, and now someone got hurt.

While Gupta's lawyer declined to further identify his client to The Post beyond his name and his Manhattan residency, we've learned some stuff.

Since you're wondering who would have the balls to file such a lawsuit, and likely starting an office pool on whether or not that person works at Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse or Morgan Stanley, let us put your mind at ease and tell you that he might have worked at all three.

According to a source at one of the aforementioned companies, an Angel List profile (UPDATE: Which has been mysteriously deleted since this post went live) and the wonderful world of LinkedIn, Amol Gupta appears to previously have been a Director of Human Resources Global Business Management at Morgan Stanley and also held similar HR roles at Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs.

We reached out to Gupta on LinkedIn but have not yet heard back.

Child’s play: Man sues kickball league for ‘serious’ injuries [NY Post]


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