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Making Your Wife Step Away From Her Finance Job Is The Hot New Republican Primary Trend

If you want to be the Republican nominee, it's best that you get your successful wife out of the corner office before anyone notices she makes a lot more money than you.

Mary Pat Christie and Heidi Cruz

Presidential politics, like any other cliquey pursuit favored by people that might be not entirely secure with themselves, is prone to copycat behavior. The 2016 Republican primary is giving us a great example of how susceptible politicians are to being swept up in a hip fad.

Gov. Chris Christie’s wife has left her Wall Street job as Mr. Christie eyes a 2016 bid for the White House.
Mary Pat Christie has left her job at Angelo Gordon, a specialty firm in New York. She made more than $500,000 as a managing director in 2014, according to state disclosure firms.

Getting your wife to take a little hiatus from her job makes some sense if you're going to have to move the family back and forth between New Jersey, Iowa and New Hampshire for the next few months (GW Bridge traffic permitting, of course) but getting your wife to step away from her senior role at a hedge fund that does private equity might be a little political.

The Republican base, as you might have heard, is pretty far right these days and wildly distrustful of what they perceive as "Wall Street." Angelo Gordon checks a lot of boxes for possible Rand Paul voters that blame greedy financiers in expensive suits for the collapse of America's middle class.

That makes Mary Pat Christie, an accomplished woman by any objective measure, a political liability when her husband needs to court that Tea Party vote. So out of the corner office and onto the campaign trail she goes.

But the Christies are not the only Elephant-pinned couple running this play.

When Ted Cruz strongly intimates that he doesn't trust those fancy fat cats on Wall Street, he usually omits the fact that his wife Heidi is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.

It's kind of like how Luke and Leia don't talk about Dad when they're at Rebel cocktail parties.

Heidi's gig did become public knowledge when Cruz had to cop to the fact that he and his family got their health care from Goldman while railing against Obamacare in 2013. But now that Heidi is taking a powder from her decade-long rise at Goldman, the Cruz's are now getting their health care from the State of Texas.

Christie has been on both sides of the Obamacare debate, but he did sign a bill authorizing an ACA exchange in New Jersey, which might work out well now considering he could be be in the market for health care.

And just to be clear that we're not taking a partisan shot here, we're well aware that Republicans aren't the only candidates trying to get the public to forget about their spouses' business dealings.


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