New Fidelity Investments Chief Takes No Prisoners

Her father knows what we're talking about.

Abigail Johnson doesn't care if you contributed half her DNA, put food on the table when she was growing up, or taught her how to ride a bike. If she doesn't like the direction you're taking her company, she will not hesitate to cut you loose, or at least attempt it via coup.

Abigail Johnson was so eager for change at mutual-fund giant Fidelity Investments that she once tried to oust her own father as CEO, according to executives at the time...In 2004, as president of the firm’s asset-management division, she tried to get other family members to vote her father out of the top job over disagreements with some of his business decisions, according to executives at the time. The secretive effort was unsuccessful, and Mr. Johnson, who is still Fidelity’s chairman, didn’t hold it against his daughter, the people said. Fidelity declined to comment on the move.

Still Fidelity's chairman for now.

Fidelity’s New Chief Confronts Market Shift [WSJ]