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No Stigma Associated With Getting M.B.A. From Online, For-Profit University, Says Jack Welch, Founder of Online, For-Profit University

Stanford Graduate School of Business and Jack Welch's Online University: same diff/no diff.
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As some of you may recall, former GE CEO Jack Welch is the founder of a for-profit online business school, the humbly named Jack Welch Management Institute. And though JWMI is not yet competing with the likes of Wharton and HBS, it is making its way up in the world, according to Jack.

WSJ: You founded an online M.B.A. Is there still a stigma associated with online degrees? Mr. Welch: It used to be, just like online dating used to be. Today if you look at the [weddings section in the] New York Times on Sunday, how many of them meet online? What, meeting at a bar is better than online? It’s the same way.

You snicker now, but wait until 2095, when a graduate of JWMI is named CEO of Goldman Sachs.

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