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Press: Hillary Clinton Is A Very Confused Puppet

According to the press, she's running under the influence of both Goldman Sachs and Elizabeth Warren...So good luck with that.

Well, this is confusing.

After eight years of living in the White House, eight more years as a U.S. Senator and four years as the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is hardly a stranger to the American public. But does she even know herself anymore?

According to various press reports, Clinton and her husband Bill are bought and paid for pawns of a multinational investment firm called The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Goldman Sachs paid former President Bill Clinton $200,000 to deliver a speech in the spring of 2011, several months before the investment banking giant began lobbying the State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, federal records reviewed by International Business Times show.

Ruh roh.

Three days after Bill Clinton accepted Goldman’s money to make a speech in New York City, Hillary Clinton delivered her own address at the State Department in Washington: She lauded the investment bank’s participation in her department’s campaign to boost the numbers of American students who study in China.
According to an ethics agreement governing Hillary Clinton’s tenure as an Obama administration Cabinet official, all of her husband’s paid speeches while she was secretary of state required the prior approval of department officials. Bill Clinton’s 2011 speech to a conference full of Goldman clients gathered in New York gained the blessing of State Department officials, documents obtained by Judicial Watch say.
The discovery that Bill Clinton accepted a six-figure payday from Goldman Sachs just before the bank sought the ear of his wife’s department seems certain to intensify scrutiny of the Clinton family’s often overlapping personal, philanthropic and official business interests.

This looks bad, you guys. All that money from one corporation being funneled directly at America's favorite power couple? With this kind of overt power, it seems like Goldman could force President Hillary Clinton to do almost anything.

Like, could you imagine if she nominated a senior Goldman executive to be her Treasury Secretary? One shudders to think about the precedent that might set.

So, we're back on the "Hillary is a pawn of Wall Street" narrative. A vote for Hillary is a vote for that good old-fashioned Clintonian brand of leftist deregulation. Isn't it nice when things are simple again?

Oh, what's that you say, The New Yorker? Hillary is actually being controlled by the Scourge of Wall Street, Senator Elizabeth Warren?

“I think she’s in a beautiful position right now,” the Warren adviser said, “because she can get Hillary to do whatever the hell she wants. Now the question is, will Hillary stick to it if she gets in? But at the moment Elizabeth can get her on record and hold her feet to the fire.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop the clock. How can Hillary's marionette strings be pulled at by Wall Street's biggest antagonist while she does the bidding of the "Vampire Squid?"

Maybe this is all just posturing coming out of the Warren camp. That whole "feet to the fire" thing is a bit hyperbolic. Let's be honest, Hillary's feet are like political asbestos and she'd never cotton to that kind of talk.

That said, it does sound kind of familiar.

Elizabeth Warren never lets us forget that the work of taming Wall Street’s irresponsible risk taking and reforming our financial system is far from finished. And she never hesitates to hold powerful people’s feet to the fire: bankers, lobbyists, senior government officials and, yes, even presidential aspirants.

Right, Warren has a thing for feet and fire, as proven by this excerpt from her Time 100 profile... written by Hillary Clinton.

So, WTF? Which master is Clinton serving? It has to be one or the other, because any other option is just too complicated to be treated seriously.

For instance, what if Goldman was engaged financially with other candidates (like it is with Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio) or had personal ties with one (like husband of Goldman managing director, Ted Cruz)?

And what if Warren is trying to capitalize on her own political moment by tying herself to the woman that seems destined to be her party's nominee, and then leverage on that relationship going forward?

But those theories are clearly insane, so just pick whichever shadow master you prefer for Hillary Clinton and enjoy the ride.

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