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Pro Baseball Franchise To Incubate Tech Startups, Because Why Not

What about this doesn't make sense to you, luddite?

Apparently, Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium is an imperfect place to take in a game of baseball, and in the year 2015 there is only one real way to fix that problem.

Launch an accelerator for tech startups that will solve the problem with killer apps of disruption to make the world a better place!

Under the "Dodger Accelerator" program launched Tuesday, the team will shepherd 10 start-up ventures for three months, with the hope of developing technologies to enhance sports and entertainment events.
The Dodgers, like all sports teams, are flooded with proposals intended to help them serve their fans better and operate their facility more efficiently. In a program the team believes is the first of its kind in the sports industry, the Dodgers are soliciting ideas and furnishing the support that could bring them to fruition

With a 2015 player payroll of $268.7 million, the Dodgers could use a nice little investment opportunity, so how does this work?

The Dodgers and their partner in the project, New York-based ad agency R/GA, will invest $20,000 into each of the 10 ventures, in exchange for a 6% stake in the fledgling companies.
The Dodgers and R/GA also will provide three months of free office space in Playa Vista and access to a variety of mentors, including Dodgers owners Mark Walter, Peter Guber and Magic Johnson and executives throughout the sports, entertainment and marketing industries.

Aside from the fact that a New York City company would actually trust the Dodgers after the shit they pulled 60 years ago, the partnership does make some sense. If one of these startups hits, the Dodgers could sell it across the baseball -and maybe even professional sports - landscape, and make a nice little chunk of change in the process.

So, cool! Professional sports teams are now mentoring tech startups. Natural, logical evolution at its finest.

On an unrelated note, we might be in a tech investment bubble.

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