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Rajat Gupta’s Massachusetts Trip Isn’t Over Yet

The federal prison in Devens, MA is still hope for the time being.
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Home, sweet home, for now.

For the second time this year, the U.S. Supreme Court had disappointing news for the former McKinsey chief, viz.: He isn’t such a good guy that any jury finding him guilty of a crime must be reversibly crazy. So Rajat’s got a few more months to kill in lovely Devens, Mass., trying to avoid the so-called friend who got him into this mess in the first place by answering that call he made 23 seconds after that Goldman board meeting broke up, unless the wise and merciful Jed Rakoff doesn’t think his crime is a crime anymore.

Mr. Gupta, the former head of consulting firm McKinsey & Co., argued in a petition to the Supreme Court that Judge Rakoff’s jury instructions didn’t give proper weight to testimony from character witnesses who said Mr. Gupta had lived an honest and exemplary life in both his personal and professional affairs.

Mr. Gupta had sought a jury instruction saying that such character evidence alone could be enough to create a reasonable doubt that he committed the offenses…..

The Supreme Court rejected Mr. Gupta’s appeal in a brief one-line order that offered no comment on the case.

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