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Ray Dalio To Settle For Watching Hyenas Attack Wildebeests On Great Lawn In Westport

Bridgewater is on the move.
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A man at peace with his environment.

If Ray Dalio cannot have his Stamford South End Eden, his magical forest where the men and women of Bridgewater can optimally become their truest selves and live in perfect harmony, he can at least have some slightly newer, slightly larger digs in Westport, where his robots can live in perfect harmony with the local fish (and where employees’ cars aren’t subject to quite as many unwanted washings by local waterways).

Landscape architect Wesley Stout detailed plans about removing 170 paved parking spaces, “two acres of paving,” near confluences of the Saugatuck and Aspetuck Rivers, “and burying them into a parking garage….”

Stout said the parking lot would transform into a “great lawn or commons” surrounded by a riverfront buffer. The Bridgewater parking lot has flooded repeatedly in past storms….

“And we’re doing a new fish ladder,” Stout said about the state’s trout management area along the Saugatuck that skirts the Bridgewater property.

“We’re really trying to make this environmentally responsible,” he added.

Bridgewater Plans Eco-Friendly Glendinning Redo [Westport Now]



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