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Report: Very Old Man Kind of Likes What This Ted Cruz Has to Say

Neutron Jack is apparently quite sweet on Texas Ted.

Remember Jack Welch? Hope so, because homeboy is about to make some serious waves in the 2016 Republican primary.

According to Fox Business News' Charles Gasparino, Welch - the 79-year-old former CEO of GE (and current conferrer of online MBAs) - is mulling over the field of candidates so far and he's taking a real shining to a certain Canadian-born Texan.

Gasparino (who apparently talked to a guy who talked to a guy who talks to Welch) was on TV earlier today and mused on Welch's musings.

“What he says is this, we’ve gone with the established players the last two election cycles, John McCain and Mitt Romney and we lost, maybe the way to go right now is Ted Cruz a true believer, who is actually really smart. Ted Cruz is a brilliant guy.”

That's some strong (hypothetically true) stuff.

But the real news here is that Welch, a one-time paragon of Wall Street, might actually endorse Cruz, who has been critical of the financial services sector even though he's literally married to it. By throwing the weight of his legendary business acumen behind Cruz, Welch could obliterate the fledgling campaign of Marco Rubio, who has actively gone a-courtin' of Wall Street dollars and support.

Per Gasparino:

“I will say one complicated factor in all this that I am picking up on when I’m talking to a lot of fundraisers, because the Marco Rubio fundraisers on Wall Street know about this. What they are doing is they are trying – they are doing to do a counterattack to try and get Jack to basically endorse Rubio because if Rubio loses Jack Welch...if Jack does endorse Cruz officially, it could hurt Rubio’s chances and they think it’s going to be a hard time for them to raise money.”

One thing that Rubio might want to keep in mind however is that while Welch certainly has a few bucks on hand to donate to the candidate of his choice, current GE bigwigs might not be following the old man's lead these days. After all, seemingly every news outlet has spent the last week detailing GE's exorcism of Welch's ghost from its bloated books.

A penny for Chris Christie's thoughts right about now.


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