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So Lynn Tilton Filmed Another Video Address From Her Living Room

Welcome back.
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Late last week, Patriarch Partners founder and Christmas card enthusiast Lynn Tilton released a video statement addressing the Securities and Exchange Commission's fraud charges against her and her firm. Well the focus group results are in and apparently everyone loved it, because yesterday, Tilton returned with a second entry in what will hopefully become a weekly series.

Right off the bat, there's a lot to like here, including:

  • The opening segment, which includes the voice of Barbara Walters, the logos of the companies Patriarch owns, and some sort of female action figure that presumably is supposed to be Lynn
  • That, again, we're in Lynn's living room
  • The Sheryl Crow-inspired line "The path to restructure is a winding road, with twists and turns"

Having said that, there's considerable room for improvement before the third clip (fingers-crossed) is released. Next time, we'd like to see:

  • More leather
  • More pillows
  • More leather pillows
  • The hashtags she clearly wants to use but is being uncharacteristically reserved and is refraining from. Instead of #fightlikeagirl (and #fairfight, #fairforum, #davidandgoliath from the first video), how about #suckit, #idontcomedowntoyouroffice, and #areyousayingyouwantapieceofme?

If you have any production notes of your own, please share them at this time.

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