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Steve Cohen: Educator

The Steve Cohen School of Trading starts this summer.
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Lesson 18: How to give a deposition.

The greatest investor of his or any other generation isn’t getting any younger. This did not previously worry him. But a recent brush with professional annihilation has Steve Cohen thinking. Thinking that skills and expertise such as his cannot and should not perish from the face of the earth when he does. Thinking that he needs to begin molding the finest young minds at the earliest possible opportunity.

This is not to say, of course, that he’ll be doing the molding himself. That would take up too much time better used yelling at someone. So he’s hired a Citadel and Balyasny vet, Jaimi Goodfriend, to impart his lessons for him.

The academy has accepted 15 undergraduates out of 1,300 applicants into an eight-week summer internship. It picked 15 college graduates from several hundred applicants for a longer program that will teach financial modeling, stock research, securities laws, ethics and compliance. The paid summer internship begins in June while the longer Academy class program commences in August...Cohen is not expected to teach any classes. Still, he will have contact with trainees from his seat at the center of the trading floor, a firm spokesman said.

Steve Cohen’s Point72 hires head for its training program [Reuters]



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