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The Former Chair Of The FDIC Wrote A Young Adult Novel About A Beloved Dog Being Put To Sleep Because of Predatory Lending

This is a real thing that happened.
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It's called Bullies of Wall Street and it's Sheila Bair's glorious first (but hopefully not last) go at the genre. This is obviously an automatic pre-order, but for those who need convincing...

Matt’s parents had assured him that the shelter would find a good home for Attila. Matt had read in the newspaper that lots of families like his were losing their homes and having to give up their pets. The shelters had too many dogs for adoption already. After a time, when they ran out of room, they had to put some “to sleep,” which was a nice way of saying that they gave the dogs drugs that made their hearts stop...Matt’s dad had tried to explain it around the dinner table one night. “I made a mistake,” he told them simply. He said that they had borrowed money on their house with something called a 2/28 mortgage, but when he had done it, he hadn’t fully understood how the mortgage worked. Unlike their old mortgage, the loan payments on this mortgage had gone up suddenly, and Matt’s parents didn’t make enough money to afford those higher payments. They were several months behind on the loan, and the man who had arranged for the mortgage was telling them that they could no longer keep the house.

Obviously this Bullies is going to be a runaway hit that should and will turn into a best-selling series. The only question is if each one should focus on a different teen and the pet (cat, bird, hamster) Wall Street murders or if they should all be about Matt and Atilla, and the revenge they get.

Sheila Bair's 'Bullies of Wall Street' [Fortune via Matt Levine]


Really? This is really happening?

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This is a thing that actually happened.