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TPG Capital Partner Threatened To "Hunt Down, " Gut Company's Head Of Public Affairs "Like Carp"

Among other things!
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An Adam Levine who hasn't been threatened with gutting (that we know of).

Back in January, TPG Capital sued its ex-head of public affairs, Adam Levine, which the private equity giant claimed leaked confidential information to the media. Could it have guessed what would happen next? Probably not!

TPG Capital was sued on Thursday by its former head of public affairs, who accused the private equity giant of ignoring his warnings that the firm may have violated securities regulations and defrauded investors out of millions of dollars as a result.

Specifically, Levine claimed his employer:

• Inflated its Chief Investment Officer's investment record
• Passed expenses onto its portfolio companies that it should have covered itself
• Paid no mind to his concerns, which he raised before being fired

Actually, "paid no mind" might be putting it a touch lightly. Levine states in his suit that Clive Bode, partner and senior counsel at the firm, did not take the constructive criticism very well, stating that if the San Francisco-based Levine were within arms-reach of him in Texas, Bode would:

• Take Levine's head and "smack" it against the wall in an attempt to "knock some fucking sense into him"
• "Hunt him down" and "gut him like carp" if an email containing Levine's concerns made its way to founding partner David Bonderman
• "Fucking kill [him]" if he involved Bonderman in any way whatsoever

But it does not end there! In its suit, TPG claims Levine gave himself his own nickname and that nickname was "weapon of mass destruction" (prior to joining the PE firm, Levine worked in the Bush II White House, so presumably it was the first thing that came to mind). TPG also alleges Levine said that someone with his knowledge of what was going on on the inside could "bring down TPG in ten days."1

For its part, TPG wants all of its allegedly stolen documents and devices back, Levine wants $738,761 "for non-cash compensation owed to him," punitive damages, and damages re: emotional distress.

I think it probably goes without saying we'll keep you posted.

Ex-TPG executive alleges partner said he wanted to 'smack' him against a wall: lawsuit [Reuters]

1. Weirdly specific, no? Do you think he was like, "One week is not enough time but two weeks is excessive; ten days it is"?


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