Up Or Down, People Find Sport In Kicking Brian Moynihan

Mike Mayo knows what we're talking about.

Really, guys? You made him fucking cry this time.

As we’vediscussed at greatlength, for someone who managed to become the chairman and CEO of a pretty major bank, thingsdon’t come easily to Brian Moynihan. Indeed, before he could even break out BofA’s allotment of Party City IPO party hats and festive crepe paper to celebrate an honest-to-goodness, bona fide profit, people were already doing rudethings all over his precious first-quarter results. Like Mike Mayo pointedly (and repeatedly) asking him to justify BofA’s very existence. Things like that.

Mr. Mayo questioned Mr. Moynihan on why the bank has not offered up more information on the “trade-offs of the business model.” He contrasted Bank of America’s reticence on the topic to that of J.P. Morgan, where executives have spent time outlining to investors why the bank should be able to generate better earnings over time as a single unit and included several slides on the topic at its February investor day….

By his estimates, Mr. Mayo calculates that Bank of America currently trades at more than a 30% discount to where it would as a sum of its parts. He admits that that’s true of all the largest banks, but said “ultimately it comes down to management.”

“Can management optimize a franchise this large and complex? It’s not clear, so at least let’s see the info so investors can better analyze the situation,” Mr. Mayo said.

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