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Walk Under The Road Separating Your Main House From Your Seven-Bedroom Guest House In Style

You'll never walk through an unairconditioned, unfurnished subterranean connector again.
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Have you ever longed for one of those Palm Beach estates with two waterfronts, but were turned off by that annoying public thoroughfare that always divides them in twain? The road that meant you either had to dodge traffic to get from the beach to the dock, or the putting greens to the tennis court, or walk through some dingy, poured-concrete tunnel, fit for a straphanger or moleperson, perhaps, but not to such an august captain of industry or son of captain of industry, such as yourself? I mean, what if you wanted to have a quick drink on the way, or warm yourself by a fire, or catch a few episodes of the “Real Housewives” series of your choice in seclusion? Well, the Ziff family, which has been doing some downsizing, has the opportunity of a lifetime for you. It will not come cheap.

A sprawling oceanfront Florida compound owned by the Ziff family is asking just under $200 million, according to people familiar with the property, making it one of the highest priced listings in the country….

The oceanfront house is connected to guest quarters known as the Ficus Wing, which sits on the Intracoastal, by a tunnel that runs underneath the road bisecting the property. The tunnel is air-conditioned and furnished as a living room, with a fireplace and skylights, according to Rick Moeser, senior vice president and regional manager of Christie’s.

There are other Palm Beach properties with tunnels that go under the road, but they are “generally utilitarian,” Mr. Moeser said.

Make them an offer today. You need these tunnels in your life.

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