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56-Year-Old Jeff Vinik Can’t Wait To Crush The Hopes And Dreams Of All Of The Five-Year-Old Jeff Viniks Out There

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It's no MSG, but it'll do for this guy.

When he was a young lad down on the Jersey Shore, Jeffrey Vinik lived and died with the New York Rangers. By which we mean, mostly died, since the team had already gone 18 years since winning a Stanley Cup when he was born, and wouldn’t win another one until he was 35 and living in Boston and running the biggest mutual fund in the world.

They haven’t won another since, and now that he owns the Tampa Bay Lightning, who play a decisive game 7 tonight at Madison Square Garden against the Rangers, he’d like to keep it that way. After all, as he can attest, rooting for losing Rangers team after losing Rangers team builds the kind of character that allows one to build a $500 million fortune running a hedge fund and then buying the kind of team that will beat the Rangers in the playoffs one day.

“I was thrilled to buy a team with a history of some success with good, young players in a nice place to live,” said Vinik, who commuted to his Boston home for 2 1/2 years before convincing his Bruins fan wife to make Florida their home….

“The whole thing has been a blast -- and not just because we’re a game away from the Finals,” Vinik said. “You get to work with great people, make a difference in the community. And now we get to try and create a terrific environment. What’s not to love?”

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