A Portrait of the Tech Billionaire as a 24-Year-Old Bro

When Evan Spiegel speaks, a generation is defined.

Evan Spiegel - co-founder and CEO of Snapchat - is 24-years-old and worth an estimated $1.5 billion.

Sometimes he gives interviews, like this recent one with Bloomberg in which he managed to say just enough to encapsulate an entire era of business culture.

In person, Spiegel is a lot like Snapchat: earnest, raw, and unpredictable. When he gets worked up, things aren’t “off the record,” they are “off the f------ record.” He’s occasionally modest (“everyone here is stupidly way smarter than me”), while also prone to bouts of inadvertent smugness (“I literally just invented this in my head,” he says, drawing a chart on a paper demonstrating the basic elements of the service). And he can be irritable. Heaven help the interviewer who poses a tedious query, such as: What’s your long-term vision for the company? Spiegel: “These are the kinds of questions I hate, dude.” 

This is going right in the time capsule.

Evan Spiegel Reveals Plan to Turn Snapchat Into a Real Business [Bloomberg]