Argentina To Go On Being Argentina For The Rest Of Time

Even after Lady Kirchner is gone.

Can't get rid of me that easily...

In February, a philosophical Paul Singer told investors, “Maybe this is the year that our Argentina situation gets resolved, and maybe it is not.” As Cristina Kirchner’s preferred successor continues his surge in the polls, it’s starting to look a lot more like “not,” and to stay that way for the next four years, too.

Jay Newman, a fund manager at Elliott, said Thursday that investors will probably be disappointed if they’re wagering Argentina’s next president will negotiate an accord with creditors….

Bond investors have been “massively optimistic” on the ability of the next president to quickly fix Argentina’s economic problems and settle with creditors, said Jim Barrineau, a money manager at Schroder Investment Management.

Elliott’s Argentina Deal Pessimism Is Spreading in Bond Market [Bloomberg]