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Brian Moynihan Is Walking On Sunshine

The BofA chief is pretty much having the best day ever. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but his IT guys are THISCLOSE to registering before one of his fans can.
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As we've discussed at length, the last five and half years, i.e. since he became CEO of Bank of America, have essentially been one long kick in the balls for Brian Moynihan. In addition to the daily stresses of running the bank, the list of people he's received no respect from during his tenure includes but is not limited to:

So while it might not come as a huge deal to, say, Lloyd or Jamie, this news was surely enough to put a little to a lotta spring in Moynihan's step today:

Bank of America Corp. shareholders re-elected all directors Wednesday, according to preliminary tallies from the bank’s annual meeting in its headquarters city of Charlotte, N.C. In addition, Chief Executive and Chairman Brian Moynihan’s pay was approved by 94% of shareholders.

Sure, it was the same approval rating as last year but 1) at least it didn't go down and 2) every little bit of encouragement helps.

Bank of America Shareholders Re-Elect All Directors [WSJ]

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