Carl Icahn Will Almost Miss Obama When He’s Gone

This news comes as a shock to 2008 Carl Icahn.

Not terrible, kid. Not terrible at all.

Carl Icahn is a little surprised, but the world and, more importantly, the United States, is still here, even after more than six years with Barack Obama in charge. He didn’t think he’d live to see the day, and not only because of the actuarial tables, but because he wasn’t at all sure that there would be such a day to see. But there is, and so he’s ready to admit that perhaps he was a bit melodramatic when he said, seven years ago, that Obama would be absolutely, unmitigatedly “terrible.”

"I know this will surprise you because I was really against Obama, but I think some of the things he does [are] OK," Icahn said.

"So now I'm on the opposite side again, because everybody in the Hamptons hates his guts…."

"Look, I wouldn't want to see him president again, but I don't think he's terrible," he said.

Billionaire Carl Icahn thinks his Hamptons neighbors are wrong about Obama [BI]