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Chase Picked A Hell of A Day To Quit Sniffing Glue

Whatever, it's not like anyone tries to move money on the first of the month or anything.

You know how everyone gets paid, and then pays their rent on the first of the month? You should! Songs have been written about the importance of this day in American economic culture.

And in our day and age most people use online banking as their primary interface with their own money.

And May 1st is May Day, a celebration (to some) of the working people that make our country great (and the Soviet enemies who wanted to destroy it).

All of this is making it an awkward first day of May for Chase, who had this to share via The Twitterz...

Yoops. I hope working stiffs who can't get to their own money are taking this in stride.

Happy May Day, Jamie & Co.


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