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Digging Up The Skeletons In Credit Suisse's Closet Proves A Surprisingly Engaging Hobby

Sure, it's work, but at least part of Neil Barofsky is loving this.
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Neil Barofsky doesn’t know about you, but nothing gets his juices flowing like holding a bank’s ass to the fire vis-à-vis tax evasion.

As part of last May’s settlement with U.S. authorities, New York’s banking agency planted Mr. Barofsky, a former federal prosecutor, inside Credit Suisse as a monitor, with broad license allowing him to dig into the bank’s past dealings with Americans and its compliance policies. Mr. Barofsky has taken to the task with gusto, mounting an extensive probe that has inundated the bank with demands for information, people familiar with the matter said. He has delayed an interim progress report to New York’s Department of Financial Services that was expected by this month, as Zurich-based Credit Suisse tries to accommodate his requests, the people said.

Credit Suisse Monitor Neil Barofsky Does Job With Gusto [WSJ]


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