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Eighth Grader Isn't Letting Brian Moynihan Off That Easy

Natalie Clarke asked Mr. Moynihan a question and god damn it, she's going to hold his feet to the fire until she gets an answer.
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Maybe his canned corporate BS works on other shareholders, but Natalie Clarke isn't other shareholders.

Natalie Clarke, 14, came to Bank of America’s annual shareholder meeting last week in the bank’s headquarters city of Charlotte, N.C., to ask Mr. Moynihan to “take an honest look” at whether the bank is paying women fairly...At the meeting, Mr. Moynihan praised Miss Clarke for speaking up for women, and the bank’s head of human resources also complimented her after the meeting. Mr. Moynihan said that the bank pays men and women fairly. He spoke about the number of women on the bank’s executive committee and board, and joked that they “would not let me not pay them fairly or pay their teammates fairly.” Miss Clarke thought that Mr. Moynihan sidestepped her question, focusing on women in top management when Miss Clarke wanted to know more about how rank-and-file women are paid. He also flubbed her name and accidentally called her Amanda, the name of a previous speaker at the meeting. “He answered a question, but it wasn’t the question I asked,” Miss Clarke said in the interview. “I’m not concerned about the compensation of the executives. I wanted to know about a teller or a project manager.” Miss Clarke plans to pen Mr. Moynihan, telling him she found his answers unsatisfactory.

You've been warned, B-Moy.

Tough Questions for BofA’s Moynihan From an Unlikely Source [MoneyBeat]

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