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Ex-Barclays Exec Who Went To War Over High School Pep Rally Strikes Out On His Own

Hugh Skip "This is NOT just about a pep rally" McGee III is back.
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Remember Hugh "Skip" McGee III? Though he should not require an introduction, for those unfamiliar with with HSM3, his bio includes:

  • Running Lehman Brothers's investment bank until the firm went bankrupt
  • Running Barclays's investment bank when the Brits took over
  • Being named CEO of Barclays Americas
  • Achieving the title of highest paid executive bank
  • Writing a tear-stained letter to his son's school railing against 1) A "gay female coach" 2) A history teacher who, in addition to generally injecting a "leftist invective" to her curriculum, had the balls to say "hurtful things about bankers" in the presence of his child and 3) "Humiliating" a group of boys by refusing to allow them to dress in drag for a pep rally ("The Incident"), all clear indications that the school was going to hell in a handbag. HSM3's opus also included the magnificent line, "Many are concerned about whether they can change schools-- I am not, as I know St. Johns will take another McGee in a heartbeat."
  • Getting one of the objects of his rage in said letter to quit

Anyway, he resigned from Barclays some 13 months ago, but now he's back and according to an old high school buddy, the news is a win for humanity.

McGee has opened a new firm, Intrepid Financial Partners, to advise energy and power companies. It has six employees, a seed investor, a newly furnished office in New York and an empty one in Houston. With McGee at the helm, Intrepid will be an old-school merchant bank, which means it will offer merger and restructuring advice to clients, and invest in them when it makes sense. Like other bankers who’ve struck out on their own, he’s counting on old relationships to bring him new business...“I usually don’t give interviews but I’m doing this for Skip,” said Jeffery Hildebrand, chief executive officer of Hilcorp Energy, a Houston-based oil and gas explorer. “We went to high school together.” Hildebrand -- before hearing a question -- reeled off a slew of adjectives to describe his friend, including “creative,” “highly-intelligent,” “driven,” “client first,” and “broker-fee second.” “Simply put, he’s a winner, and he’s going to succeed,” Hildebrand said.

To that end, another thing you should know-- and maybe already guessed-- about McGee is that he's already torn through a dozen eggs by the time you've dragged your hung over ass to the office.

“We’re connecting with some people that we’ve worked with in the past,” McGee said. “In the days that I have been in Houston, I have two or three breakfasts every morning.”

Skip McGee, a Veteran of Wall Street, Starts Anew With Intrepid [Bloomberg]

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