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Goldman Sachs Desperate To Show Techies That It's Hella Cool N' Stuff

The Vampire Squid is bro'ing out all over the Valley.

Lloyd Blankfein's metamorphosis into Wall Street's Erlich Bachman is almost complete.

In Goldman Sachs Group Inc's latest move to bolster its street cred as a cool, tech-savvy bank, it is holding its annual shareholder meeting in San Francisco on Thursday.

After dabbling in everything from SXSW friendship bracelets to Uber, Goldman Sachs appears more than a little eager to impress the dudes in The Valley of Silicon with its techie bona fides. Blankfein even went as far as to say a few weeks ago (and perhaps not accurately) that Goldman is basically a tech company now.

But it's the medium through which Blankfein is talking about his decision to huddle up out West that should really have the coders and VCs nodding with approval.

In just the past few weeks, Goldman has hired an executive to build a digital lending platform, co-led a $50 million investment in a bitcoin startup and launched a podcast called "Exchanges at Goldman" in which senior executives talk about technology on Wall Street, among other things.
"When you ask me...what might this technology be doing to disrupt the industry or our company, it's a little bit of a funny sentence, because we are a technology company," Blankfein said in the first podcast this week.

That's right, Lloyd has a podcast. What's more fresh to death than that?

But one podcast doesn't make you cool. You know what's cool? A podcast network.

"Exchanges at Goldman" should be on a platform with "Cruzing America with Heidi Cruz" "Digital Opps with Peter Oppenheimer" and "WTF with Gary Cohn."

With or without the necessary podcasts, The San Fran confab is going to be quite a scene. Goldman execs will likely arrive via Uber Lux, serve an organic buffet replete with kegs of Red Bull, share an awkward bro-hug with Anthony Noto, and pay for the whole thing in bitcoin.

Gird your loins, Bay Area. This is gonna be wild.

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