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Greek Prime Minister Sees Happy Ending In His Future

Pessimists might beg to differ, but Tsipras has a good feeling about this bailout business, down in his plums.
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As you may have heard, things in Greece are not so great right now. The country needs a bailout like yesterday, but at this time, the government and its creditors are not totally seeing eye to eye on the matter. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, for example, is of the mind that he and his team have laid out a detailed and reasonable case for why they should get the cash and that there's nothing else to say-- except that the only reason they haven't gotten the money yet is due to various parties not having the balls to pull the trigger. Greece's creditors, on the other hand, think the country has yet to demonstrate any real effort vis-à-vis why it should be shown the money. Still, like his finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who basically said yesterday he's feeling cool as a god damn cucumber over this whole thing, Tsipras apparently isn't too concerned about getting those Euros. In fact, he's actually pretty confident.

Both Tsipras and Greece’s finance minister Yanis Varoufakis have said that an agreement with creditors, which would pave the way for resuming aid flows and avert a default, is within reach. Tsipras has spoken twice this week by telephone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “I’m optimistic that we will soon have a happy ending and, despite the difficulties we will face, with the people’s support, we will manage to accomplish a deal,” Tsipras told Parliament on Friday.

Be cool, everyone. It's all gonna come together.

Tsipras Asks for Courage as EU Plays Down Chances of Deal [Bloomberg]


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