Hiring Watch ’15: Formerly Convicted Insider Traders

Antony Chiasson and Todd Newman are available for hire.


Looking for a couple of hedge fund managers? Look no further than Preet Bharara’s enemies list, two of whose members just got the (grudging) green light to start working again.

In a pair of orders issued Friday, the five-member commission revoked the industry bar it imposed against Newman and dismissed the ongoing proceedings against Chiasson, who had appealed an SEC judge’s initial decision ordering him banned from associating with broker-dealer, investment adviser and other securities firms.

“In seeking reconsideration of the Order, Newman argues that ‘there is no basis for the industry bar’ because of the Second Circuit decision, and therefore requests that the bar be ‘removed.’ The Division of Enforcement does not oppose Newman's request,” the commission wrote, before saying that “compelling circumstances” exist to honor his request.

SEC Clears Newman, Chiasson To Return To The Industry [Law360]